The Issues

Keep Taxes Low   Preserve Water Quality   Support our First Responders   Fight for Small Business    

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“When first elected to the state Legislature two years ago, I made it my mission to keep it local. That meant delivering on promises I made throughout the campaign such as combating red tide, funding long-neglected infrastructure projects, and improving health care accessibility for the men, women, and children of South Sarasota County.

I am pleased to report that having just completed my first term Tallahassee, we not only made significant progress in addressing these issues but also added a few more wins that will help South Sarasota County thrive and prosper." 

Promises Made. Promises Kept.


Job Growth & Small Business


  • Secured $2,950,000 for the SRQ Airport Mechanic School and Maintenance Hangar.

  • Sponsored the “Take My Life Back WORx® Pilot Program” training those coming out of the Criminal Justice System to re-enter the workforce.

  • Co-sponsored Deregulation of Professions & Occupations Bill (HB 1193).


Water Quality & Environment

  • Secured Funding for Red Tide Mitigation.


  • Co-sponsored the “Florida Red Tide Mitigation and Technology Development Initiative.​

  • Secured $1,500,000 for the Dona Bay Restoration Project.

  • Secured $100,000 for the Venice Stormwater Outfall Phase 1. 

  • Warm Mineral Springs Septic to Sewer Conversion (HB 2791).


Supporting our First Responders

  • Sponsored the Appropriation Bill “North Port Public Safety Training Track” for first responders. 


  • Co-sponsored the Firefighters Cancer Bill (HB 7129).


  • Co-sponsor of the “Offenses Against Firefighters”.


  • Co-sponsor of the Federal Immigration Enforcement Bill requiring state & local government agencies to use best efforts to support enforcement of federal immigration law.


Affordable Healthcare

  • Sponsor of the Medical Billing Legislation (HB 959)  for transparency in upfront medical billing for procedures.


  • Dental & Dental Hygiene Bill (HB 1273) opening up Florida to out of state Dental Specialists.


  • Repealed Certificate of Need that produced red tape around Hospital construction. 

  • Supported Telehealth in Florida, which has proved critical to providing care throughout the Pandemic.


Children & Education

  • Fought to preserve the autonomy of New College.


  • Supported School Choice.

  • Sponsored Educational Facilities Bill that allows for new schools to be built.

  • I supported Governor DeSantis’ initiative on increased Teacher Salaries.

  • Secured millions for the MOTE Marine STEM Educational Laboratory at their new facility.


Government Accountability

  • Worked to protect Seniors Subject to an error in Homestead Exemption Law, costing them their homes & retirements.

  • Sarasota County Holiday Park, Park and Recreation District.

  • Co-sponsored Local Government Fiscal Transparency Bill (HB 1149).

  • Passed a sound & fiscal budget reserving billions for natural disasters.